About Quest Foods

Quest Foods, a huge range of Quality Food Ingredients

About Quest Foods

Quest Foods’ range of frozen herbs, vegetables, ingredients and fruit is specially selected to suit food manufacturers. 

Our suppliers in NZ, Australia and Europe are committed to supplying consistent, high quality products that will perform to a high standard. They have a track record of efficiency and sustainability. The unique range of herbs and ingredients provides substantial opportunity to improve existing products and develop superior new products with an emphasis on quality, foodsafety, consistency and efficiency.

Environmentally Sustainable
Our products are sourced from suppliers who have demonstrably proven records in sustainability, efficiency, and personal ethics. Environmental sustainability is an important factor in selecting suppliers. The export industry in some developing countries is based on unsustainable environmental practices, which would not be permitted in NZ.

Ethically Sound
Countries with a history of questionable ethics or standards are avoided wherever possible. There is a significant risk in these countries of non-conforming product, with fewer checks and controls, less regulation, less accountability and possible falsified documentation.

Personal Service
We aim to deliver the highest quality of product and personal service, and will work with you to ensure you receive products and performance suited perfectly to your needs. Please contact us now

Lead Times
Lead times do apply to some of our products.

Food Safety
Products are sourced mainly from New Zealand, Australia and Europe, where the foodsafety standards are extremely comprehensive; identification, recall, traceability, origin and microbial standards are all monitored and must conform to regulated standards. Suppliers, transport agents, storage facilities, distributors are expected to maintain exemplary standards in food handling practice.

Innovation – Development Opportunities
Innovative product development is all about having something different. Quest Foods can offer a large range of products giving you every opportunity to have something ‘outside the box’, while still being convenient and economical. Longer lead times on some products apply.

We’re sure to have something unique to offer!

We’re sure to have something unique to offer